Cake Painter Bot

Cake Painter

Cake Painter is a drawing robot designed specially to draw art forms using creams on cakes. The entire bot is designed with Stainless steel materials and with Chrome coating to meet food safety standards.

A simple Drag/Drop art designer software is also supplied along with the robot containing a library of over 100 cartoon characters and shapes. No need to wait for artists to decorate your birthday cakes.

  • Overlay preview on Cake
  • Unique software approach
  • Portable
  • 1 ½ feet by 1 ½ feet drawing surface
  • Removable cream cadridge
  • Regional Language Font (Tamil) Support
  • Non-rusty food grade metals
  • All 3 Axis are driven by Stepper motors and drives
  • ARM Based Microcontroller System
  • Designed for food safety standards