Material Handling Bot – 5 Axis

Brake line Jigless Drilling Bot

Brake line jigless drilling bot is a material handling robot. The bot will automatically detect brake line materials placed in the input rack, will pick it up, feed it to the drilling machine, adjust brake line position to allow the drilling machine to drill holes as per the specification and will automatically place the finished brake lining in the output rack

The bot can easily handle loads upto 8 KG at the gripper end. It can move upto 1 meter in XY direction and 400mm in Z Direction. The grippers are specially designed patent pending design to hold curved surface of brake lines

  • Cycle Time of just 6 seconds
  • 100 microns repeat precision
  • Adjustable Grippers
  • Drill bit Guidance support
  • 5 Axis of freedom
  • Automatic Acceleration / Deceleration
  • 8 KG load at Gripper End
  • All 5 Axis are driven by Stepper motors and drives
  • ARM Based Microcontroller System
  • Designed for industrial use